Innovative Retail

Kiwi Discovery Limited is one of the world’s most innovative retailers

Our success is based on our ability to source the finest New Zealand products and then reach the people who appreciate them most.

Our competitors have tried hard to replicate our strategies, but Kiwi Discovery remains at the top among travel retailers at Auckland International Airport.

(1) Cultural Based Marketing

We treat individual Asian cultures as unique target markets.Our communications are multi lingual, and even our staff are rostered so that Japanese speaking staff look after Japanese customers, Koreans look after Koreans, and so on. Our service offering is customised in many ways, and we believe that we are unique in our detailed treatment of cultural preference.

(2) The Retail Chameleon

International Duty Free magazine dubbed Kiwi Discovery ‘the retail chameleon’ and featured the business as its cover story in June 2002. We change the signage, displays and merchandising in our Airport stores several times a day to reflect the nationality of the travellers within it.

(3) Educative Marketing

Visitors in our stores can see that our products are special, but we also help them to understand why, through displays, literature, in-store DVDs and trained, knowledgeable staff.